Social Issues


The Indian society is the complex amalgamation of diverse cultures. Barriers of religions, language and traditions divide its people into innumerable sects and sometimes lead to incompatibility. Numerous instances of foreign invasions have let to plundering of its rich natural resources, plunging the country not only into economic downfall, but also causing hindrance to education and reforms. The two hundred years long oppressive British rule has in a way brought the country on the brink of social collapse that the citizens are still fighting after 69 years of Independence.

Issues like population explosion leads to divergence of other socio-economic problems like poverty and unemployment. Lack of education and ignorance prevailing in rural areas are the reasons why issues like gender inequality, feticide and child labor have been prevailing since decades. It creates this vicious cycle of challenges that seem impossible to tackle. Incidents of violence against women and children and exploitative nature of the society in this aspect is a direct aftermath of the deep-rooted patriarchy. Social evils like the caste system, child marriage and dowry system act as huge deterrents towards the overall development of India. India is periodically plagued by a a host of religious, political and regional unrests that exerts intensely harmful effect on society as well as economy of the country. Moreover, owing to globalization, these issues garner a lot of negative media attention from all over the world. As a consequence of these social issues continuing, India is still to find universal credibility in international forums.

To brand India as this truly developing nation, Indians need to take up eradication of these issues as their champion cause. Awareness is the first step towards addressing any social cause. For individuals to know the negative impacts of his actions that he so easily inflicts in the name of tradition is the foundation upon which remedial recourses can be built.